It is time to tidy up your life! 
Into your body has leaked this message. 
No conscious actions, no broodings 
Have brought the thought upon you. 
It is time to take into account 
What has gone and what has replaced it. 
Living your life according to no plan 
The decisions were numerous and 
The ways to go were one. 
You stand between trees this evening; 
The cigarette in your cupped hand 
Glows like a flower. 
The drizzle falling seems 
To wash away all ambition 
There are scattered through your life 
Too many dreams to entirely gather. 
Through the soaked leaves, the soaked grass, 
The earth-scents and distant noises 
This one thought is re-occurring.: 
It is time to take Into account what has gone, 
To cherish and replace it. 
You learnt early that celebrations 
Do not last forever, 
So what use now the sorrows that mount up ? 
You must withdraw your love from that 
Which would kill your love. 
There is nothing flawless anywhere, 
Nothing that has not the power to hurt. 
As much as hate, tenderness is the weapon of one 
Whose love is neither perfect nor complete. 

- Brian Patten